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Amadeus the Discord Bot!

Amadeus is an easy-to-use Discord bot with features any server has dreamed of!
Amadeus will let you take control over your server with its powerful moderator commands and nice web dashboard.

  • KID FRIENDLY -  Apart from NSFW plugin which you can disable all other responses are kid friendly! You don't have to worry about bot swearing on your server!
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - Developers of Amadeus support simple. Goal of Amadeus is to give Discord users cure to that pain of constantly learning how to use new bot. The command names are not confusing at all and you can learn to use Amadeus in few minutes!

Level System

You can have your members compete whow ill be the very best and be number 1 active member on your server!


Amadeus features free-to-use music plugin! You can listen to music while doing other stuff or while you are talking with your friends. Who doesn't like music?

Constant Development

Amadeus is in constant development which means we are always working on making your experience great. That also means you can suggest your awesome ideas to us and if we like it they will become part of Amadeus!